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Kadesha is known to some as "Mrs. Live on Purpose".  She did not get that nickname over night.  It has been a series of events, experiences, and leaps of faith that makes her worthy of this title.  She is not only a believer of "live on Purpose", but she actually lives it. In one conversation with her, you will learn that her faith, courage, and action makes her credible to teach, train, cheerlead and coach others on that same journey of discovering purpose!


She is a dynamic, charismatic, and no-nonsense coach.  After one session with her, you will feel like you can change the world.  And guess what? You can! According to Kadesha, we are all uniquely gifted and endowed with gifts and talents that the world needs and if we do not step up to the plate, then unfortunately those dreams, businesses, ideas, ministries go undone.  What a bummer?!


"One of the greatest things on earth is to know you have left an impact/imprint on someone's life" says Kadesha.  She would love to motivate, encourage, inspire and help transform your life through her 1 on 1 or Group Coaching Sessions.  Get ready to "Live on Purpose"!


 Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation


If you prefer 1 on 1 Coaching with Kadesha,  Session Topics Include (but not limited to):

All Things Purpose

  • Faith & Vision, & Purpose

  • How To Discover Your Purpose & Walk In It 

  • Hearing God's Voice in Along the Journey

  • Single & Waiting Ladies - Being Purposeful in your Singleness



  • Self Publishing 

  • Turn Your Courage into Currency

  • Marketing & Branding


If you are interested in 1 on 1 OR Group coaching with Kadesha, please fill out the Connect with Me Form, and someone will contact you at their earliest convenience.  

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