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The Motivation

Some years ago, Kadesha's biggest (and probably only) fear was to die without fulfilling her God given Purpose. She then started to pray, "Lord, show me why I'm here".  


After obtaining her BA (Spelman College) and MBA (Clark Atlanta University) she went on to corporate America and to her surprise--her position didn't give her the fulfilling life she desired.  


Shortly after starting her business and pursuing

ministry full time, she began to discover why God created her--to encourage, inspire and teach others about the gifts that lie within them and help them to Live on Purpose!  Kadesha understands that Living on Purpose is a journey that takes desire, courage, committment and faith.  She invites you to get on this journey with her!  Kadesha is committed to helping YOU discover why you were created.   

The Message

It's simple: Step Out on Faith, Trust God, and Believe that He ALWAYS has your best interest at heart! 


Kadesha does not waiver on her PURPOSE message. She truly believes that all things work for the good of those that Love God (Romans 8:28)! So, wherever you find yourself--find the reason for being there, grow from it and use it to bless someone else! This is her attitude at home, at the office and in ministry and it hasn't failed her yet!




The Mission & Ministry


Kadesha feels very blessed to have found her purpose (calling) in life, but it means nothing if she cannot help others discover their purpose.  It is no easy over night task-- the JOURNEY to purpose requires courage, faith and Midwives (supporters)!  She has been a midwife to others and have  had her share of midwives.  It's important to have people to help you Birth the Dreams/Visions/Desires that God places in you and for that reason (and many more) God has created Kadesha! She is here to help get all God wants out of you --be it good, bad, indifferent.  Your purpose (calling) takes so many shapes and forms whether it is business, corporate position, ministry, etc, so whatever path you are on--I'm sure Kadesha has been there before! She is here to help you PUSH!


Live on Purpose, LLC is a for-profit business with a ministry heart!  Through workshops, coaching, writing and speaking engagements, Kadesha and team empower, inspire and teach individuals AND businesses to 1) discover their purpose 2) include it in your every day life and business 3) Use this purpose (and passion) to make a living and sustain you and your family


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