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Vibrant, Passionate, Loving, Charismatic and Go-Getter are just a few words that describe Minister, Author, Speaker & Coach Kadesha Carroll.  She is a young woman filled with so much Godly wisdom that most people never believe her age.  There was a call on Kadesha’s life for as long as she can remember, but like many she ran from what she couldn’t understand.  It wasn’t until December 2007, when she fully surrendered her life to Jesus Christ and began to walk with him, that she discovered who she was and what she was created to do--encourage and inspire others to walk in their purpose!  


Since making that commitment, she has seen the Lord’s wonder working power in her life. In spite of financial hardships and the trials and tribulations of life,  Kadesha became a first generation college student! She attained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish from Spelman College and went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Clark Atlanta University.  Following graduate school, she worked as a Corporate Marketing Associate at Sony Electronics in San Diego, CA.  After feeling a nudge from the Holy Spirit,  Kadesha quit her full time position to become the proud owner of Charisma Events & Consulting, a wedding and event planning company.  It was during that entrepreneurial journey that Kadesha realized the leap of faith was more about drawing closer to God and less about her entrepreneurial endeavors.  It was her wedding and event planning company that served as bridge to her present day business/ministry Live on Purpose, LLC, a for profit business focused on empowering individuals AND businesses to discover their purpose AND live it in life AND business! 


In just 4 short years of leaving her corporate job, Kadesha became a licensed Christian Minister, wrote a devotional journal, titled Live on Purpose, followed God literally across the US and has re-positioned herself as a thought leader in Faith & Business!  She has been a speaker at several conferences around the US speaking mainly on topics of Purpose, Faith, Entrepreneurship and Marketing.  Kadesha was recognized as 2014 Woman of Outstanding Leadership by the International Women’s Leadership Association.  


Kadesha firmly believes that God gives each of us a unique purpose and until you discover that purpose, you will be unfulfilled.  It is through her walks of faith, world travels and overall journey’s in life that she can encourage and inspire others to join her on the same journey leading to one’s purpose!


Kadesha is married to her husband and life-long friend, Michael and they currently live in Newark, DE. 


You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @kadeshacarroll.


If you are interested in booking Kadesha for your speaking engagement, please fill out the Booking form, and someone will contact you at our earliest convenience.   


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