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In December 2012, Kadesha and her family had the pleasure of celebrating the wedding nuptials of a close friend in Antigua.  It was there that she hoisted herself on a Zip Line for the first time!  Although, she was literally “shaking in her boots” (a feeling she doesn’t get often), she pressed on in spite of her fear.  Looking back on that experience helped birth the idea of this devotional journal!  Kadesha finished the entire course of zip lines, all 12 of them, thanking God when she finally reached the last one!  It wasn’t until returning home that she received a revelation. While watching T.V. with her husband (Michael), she started to cry after seeing a zip line commercial.  It dawned on her that her experiences in life could be likened to a zip-lining experience and she didn’t realize it until that very moment.  From moving across the country without any friends and family, to leaving her secure full-time job to start a business, and being in the process of moving (again) to a city which she never new existed (The Colony)---Kadesha has always just taken God at his word and ran with it!


It was that simple, yet effective experience that personified how a little faith and trust will not only help you get to the end of a zip line, but will also carry you to the next level/phase God has for your life.  Furthermore, she learned that it is very important not to look back, because that will only distract you but it also keep you from moving forward!  That is the same message she teaches to anyone that will listen--Step Out on Faith, Trust God, and Believe that He ALWAYS has your best interest at heart!


With this Devotional Journal, you will be encouraged, empowered and challenged to move out of your comfort zone to walk in the journey God has created just for you!  Not only is He waiting on you, but so is the world, because there is someone out there specifically in need of the gifts God has given YOU! It is Kadesha’s intention for this Devotional Journal to help you to re-evaluate the way you see yourself and transform your thinking habits.  At the completion of this journal, her sincere hope and prayer is that you find your way to the nearest “Zip Line” in your life, faithfully take the next step, and Live on Purpose! Remembering her literal and figurative “Zip Line” experiences helped Kadesha birth this devotional journal.  So, ask yourself --What is in you that needs to be birthed? Hopefully, you will discover that answer at the end of reading this devotional journal!

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